1. Smart Program Study Plan (Special Class IPST.) : Thai Language Course

Learning Plan SMART / Special Class IPST. Is a Thai program that teaches intensive science. For students with high potential (Gifted) in science, mathematics and technology by providing intensive English language courses. Additional courses have been organized, focusing on physics, chemistry, bio-additional specialties ahead of the advanced level, and the course has been developed into a special science classroom project. Through cooperation (MOU) with the Institute for the Promotion of Science and Technology (IPST)

By teaching from Mathayom 1 to Mathayom 3

  1. Plan the Intensive subject Science on Math [the ISM] : Thailand courses.

Intensive math and science study plan It is a study plan that focuses on the development of students in mathematics and science. For students with high potential (Gifted) in mathematics, there is a rich content of study. Including learning in the content above the grade level Science subjects use a comparable curriculum with IPST courses.

By teaching from Mathayom 1 to Mathayom 3


  1. Plan the Intensive English Program, [the IEP] : Thailand courses.

Intensive English Study Plan It is a study plan that focuses on developing students into learning persons. And can continue to build on the language at the high level By organizing a curriculum covering subjects in 8 groups of learning subjects And add learning

Teaching in English in two courses for another 4 lessons / week, including International Mathematics International Science and an additional 2 lessons of English language per week. Concentrated with foreigners And learn Chinese 2 additional lessons / week

By teaching from Kindergarten 1 to Secondary 3


  1. Of course this International Program, [the IP] : English.

Teaching and learning will focus on more intense academic knowledge. The Ministry of Education is taught by the Ministry of Education in the English sector (English Program: EP) and the additional course curriculum is provided in the Cambridge International Education standard. That has been integrated into additional courses such as mathematics, science and English, which can be used as a standard for learning and examining courses to meet international standards. By studying with foreign teachers Native teacher   The Thai language and Thai culture. Learn with Thai teachers

They are taught from Grade 1 to Secondary 3.

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