Don Bosco School regulations 

Section 1 Don Bosco Wittaya School Regulations 

Article 1 Respect and follow the school rules Law

Clause 2 Maintain your own reputation, family and school reputation, especially in the school uniform, and build the reputation of the school by displaying good talents.

Clause 3 Be generous, knowledgeable, win-win, forgive, and have volunteer spirit to benefit others and the public.

Article 4 Dress appropriately and suitable for age. And always in time Dress properly according to school regulations and Ministry of Education determines

Article 5 There is gratitude, respect, obedience, and behaves in the sermons of parents, guardians, benefactors and teachers, all done with respect.

Article 6 Be polite to the general public. And show a polite manner

Article 7 behave appropriately according to the condition of good students, diligence, faith, joy and patience, know-how, responsible for themselves and others

Item 8: Students must speak with sweetness, polite and intonation (yes-yes), know how to say hello, thank you, apologize and other polite words.

Article 9 Students must maintain the unity of the faculties. Not start a fight Or make ridicule Sarcasm Juniors respect the seniors Older people behave themselves in a good way. And have mercy on the younger generation

Article 10 Students must help save water, electricity and supplies of the school.

Article 11 Students must help each other to keep the school’s assets in good condition. Both during and outside school hours Especially during school holidays and not paint and spray paint on the floor, on the table or on the walls.

Article 12 Arrange in order according to the order provided by the teacher. And timely every time Do not talk while waiting in line. Join the national anthem And prays with barnacles Listen carefully to the announcements and sermons of adults or teachers.

Article 13 When students arrive at school Must be inside the school area Do not go up on the school building or enter the classroom before getting permission from the teacher. Or if there is a reason to leave the school area in the morning before school Ask for permission from the carpool teacher at the door

Article 14 When arriving at school Students are prohibited from leaving the school grounds. Unless permitted

Article 15 When students need to bring bicycles or motorcycles to school Must drive with caution Reduce the speed as much as possible Do not park in prohibited places. Do not bring a car to drive in the school

Clause 16 Do not use cosmetics, make-up, long nails, nail polish, hair styling or fashionable haircuts.

Article 17 Students are not allowed to use correction fluid, cutter, metal ruler or similar metal to school.

Article 18 If the student is sick And want to stay in a nursing room To ask for permission from the class leader Or the administrative teacher first

Article 19 In the event that a student is sick or has an accident until having to go to the hospital The school will notify parents And parents must cooperate in getting the students back to treatment immediately

Article 20 Students must not be in the classroom or on the building during the time the school prohibits or at the breaks. If not allowed

Article 21 Items or equipment brought by students or body jewelry that are not related to teaching and / or which violate school regulations will be forfeited immediately.

Article 22 It is prohibited to borrow money or any other items, including the trading of things with students. If damage occurs, the school is not responsible

Article 23 Students must eat food in the cafeteria or in the place provided by the school. Help keep it clean Food buying etiquette Follow the regulations of the cafeteria

Article 24 From school to school until the end of school, students are not allowed to buy or store food or items outside the school.

Article 25 Students should use various laboratories with caution. So as not to damage

Item 26 Students should be careful. And absolutely never accept items or drinks or food from unknown persons or accompany unknown persons. When school is over, have students wait or play in school until their parents pick up.

Article 27 Coming to school on holidays To contact the school government Must dress in school uniform If coming to school for extra work outside school hours Must dress properly And as usual, the school has a letter asking for parents’ permission.

Article 28 Students or parents who need a certificate of conduct or academic material You can contact them at the administrative room or the registration room.

Article 30 Important behaviors that students should be aware of and avoid

1) gamble

2) being addicted to drugs or having narcotics in possession Or is there for sale

3) Wandering in places that are not suitable for students. Or wandering at night

4) behave like an adultery

5) Bringing obscene pictures, objects, videos, documents or pornography to school.

6) Act as a thug, threatening, arguing with insiders and outside the school, causing violence Or take part in harming others Or bring third parties to intimidate or Beset students

7) The display of verbal behavior which is insulting to teachers, adults and others.

8) Bring weapons or sharp objects or objects instead of dangerous weapons to school.

9) Bring all types of products and services to be sold to schools.

10) decorate ornaments Bring me words and communication tools to school

11) Bring firecrackers, fireworks or explosives to school

12) bring a game machine Music player Any radio, tape, or audio equipment to school

13) steal other people’s belongings or money

14) speak rude, lying or slander Sneaky on others

15) Corruption in examination

16) forged documents

17) Escape to study

18) Tattoo by donkey, ear, tongue and nose piercing or any part of the body

Section 2 Respect 

Article 31 All teachers of Don Bosco Wittaya School shall be deemed Be the teacher of all students Students must be respectful and obedient.

Article 32 Every time a student meets a teacher, both in the school and outside the school. To do some respect Paying respect or respect in a polite manner If the student is holding an item in his hand, say “Hello” or

“Hello,” and bowed her head slightly. If you go to see the teacher while the teacher is seated, arrange in a row in order first.

And the prison does not stand around teachers

Article 33 Students must maintain etiquette in passing or walking with adults. With proper and polite curvature Or stop walking, respect and stand straight for the elders to walk first.

Article 34 When coming to school every morning And will come home every time after school Through the carpool teacher, students do respect.

Section 3 Student attendance and return home

Article 35 School enters at 08.00 hrs. All students must come on time to line up. In order to respect the national flag, pray and listen to sermons during the rental period, students should arrive at the school before 08.00 hrs.

Article 36 Students who do not arrive in line to respect the national flag are considered late, must line up in a special line. And let the teacher record Being late is evidence

Article 37 Students who are late from 08:30 must have a class permit from the administrative department or class leader.

Article 38 If there is a need for being late beyond the first class, a parent must be present or a certificate from the guardian.

Article 39 The school ceases at 15.50 or ends at 16.50 hrs.

Article 40 Students who bring motorcycles to school You must have a driving license after the age of 15 and must strictly obey traffic rules. Motorcycle condition must not decorate or modify any equipment that violates traffic regulations. In the event that the motorcycle conditions violate regulations Must hurry to correct the traffic rules, otherwise the vehicles will not be allowed to enter the school.

Article 41 After school or after the end of after-school activities such as extra classes, students wait for their parents In the school area until parents come to pick up Or to go home immediately Do not visit anywhere else Without parents acknowledging

Article 42 If students from other schools come to pick up students Must have a license card to bring a vehicle to pick up students in the school Because the school does not allow students from other schools to enter the school before 17.15 hrs.

Article 43 Kindergarten students Stop school for a parent or elder to pick up from a teacher in the district of kindergarten students Parents picking up children Please park your car in the parking lot only. Do not stop and obstruct traffic.

Chapter 4 Behavior in class

Article 44 Must attend on time every class And sit at the table to complete the study

Article 45, intending to study and have good behavior Do not show an inappropriate manner Responsible for all work that the teacher assigns to And must strictly maintain classroom discipline

Article 46 Help each other to save the treasures of the classroom. Don’t scribble on Or damage

Article 47 during study time If necessary, leave the classroom Must get permission from your teacher every time. And hurry back to the classroom

Article 48 Teachers in charge of activities If there is a need to bring students to activities during school hours, a letter of recommendation from the class leader is required. Then bring the book to the teacher in that period to ask for permission to lead the students to do such activities.

Article 50 Maintain the cleanliness and tidy of the classroom. Classroom porch

Article 51 Students are prohibited from playing soccer, chasing games or other sports, or making noise in the classroom and on the school building.

Article 52 shall not bring food, beverages or snacks (Chewing gum or candy) to eat in the classroom or while studying

Article 53 To be in line every time when changing classrooms. Have the school teacher pick up the line before they can walk And march in silence and orderly

Article 54: Before leaving the room, when the class is over, set up tables, chairs and workshops, pour trash, close the front door, turn off the air conditioning And complete the electricity

Article 55 Students are prohibited from keeping textbooks or other items in the classroom or in the classroom.

Chapter 5 Application for Permission to Leave the School Area

Article 56 Students who have arrived at school Must remain inside the school until the school is over If students will leave Outside the school grounds for any reason There must be a good reason And received a permission card from the parent teacher or the head teacher of the class And presented to the security personnel By following

1) There is a letter of permission from the parents. Or have a parent pick it up at school Or have a letter of authorization for others to pick up

2) when returning to school Immediately notify parents or class leaders

Chapter 6 Sick or Business Leave

Article 57 Must submit a leave form as specified by the school.

Article 58 Submission of sick leave certificate Parents can call the school. And to send a letter of leave in writing Promptly sign a parent’s signature on the day the student comes to school at the class teacher or administrative staff.

Article 59 In case of serious illness Be admitted to the hospital, the parents inform the school with a medical certificate.

Article 60 Students on leave Due to business, submit a letter of leave in writing with parents’ signature to the class teacher or administrative officer at least 1 day in advance or submit on the day the student is on vacation.

Article 61 Students who are absent from school for no known reason for 3 consecutive days, the school will notify parents. Missing school for the fifth day, the school will notify the parents to contact the school for the second time and if they miss school for 15 consecutive days without contact from the parents The school will leave the school.

Section 7 Meeting Students and Acknowledging or Correcting Behavior

Article 62 Parents who want to meet students To report the intention to the administrative department or the level supervisor

Article 63 Parents can contact the parent teacher. Class Head Teacher Or the class teacher by making an appointment in advance in case the student behaves inappropriately. And should be resolved quickly If the teacher is in charge or Class teacher invites parents to meet at school. We ask parents to please cooperate.

Article 64 Students or Parents who require a Student Conduct Certificate Please contact the registration department.

Section 8 Student Dress

Article 65 Student Uniforms

1) Kindergarten student uniform

2) School uniform for elementary school – lower secondary school level

3) Uniform for high school students

4) Physical education uniforms and activity outfits

5) Scout uniform – Girl Scout. Note also shows pictures of various uniforms.

Article 66 Uniforms of students from kindergarten to grade 3

66.1 Male student uniform

1) Short sleeve shirt White cloth is smooth, not thin. There is no pleat at the back of the chest throughout the body, the body is not tight and does not fall off. Flat round white buttons The size of the diameter 1 cm. Number of 5 beads, short sleeves 1 cm above the elbow tip. 1 pocket on the left chest, size 8-12 cm or suitable for the size of the shirt.

2) Blue cloth pants Short legs 8 cm above the knee from the center of the lap, when standing at the width of the pants 6-10 cm, the end of the legs folded inward, 5 cm wide, with 1 side pocket along the leg, each side without back pockets. There is a pair of pants for inserting a belt with 5-7 ears. When wearing pants, the edge will be at the navel level over the hem.

3) Black leather belt with no buckle pattern from Don Bosco Wittaya School.

4) Lace-up black heels Polite design, no other color pattern, leather or canvas, the edge of the shoe and the eyelet for the laces must be black.

5) Student socks It is white without a pattern. Do not fold. And when pulled up must be about half shin length

66.2 Female student uniform

1) A white shirt with a blue collar and a blue bow

2) Smooth blue fabric skirt, thick texture, pleated around, turned pleated out on the side, spaced When working in a long skirt under him

3) black shoes There is a strap on the back of the foot. Round end, heel height not over 3 cm (allowed to wear white sneakers Only on days that have physical education courses)

4) Student socks It is white without a pattern. Do not fold. And when pulled up must be about half shin length

Article 67 Embroidery of identification number, name-surname

1) The abbreviation of the school’s abbreviation is embroidered on the chest of the white shirt. With crimson thread or silk Character height 2 centimeters

2) Enter identification number Using Arabic numerals On the right chest With crimson thread or silk Is under the abbreviation of the school “Dw”, about 1 centimeter.

3) Embroider the name-surname with crimson thread or silk. The left side is about 1 cm above the chest pocket.

Article 68 Physical education uniforms

1) colored sports shirts to be used only of the school

2) Blue warm pants There are no colored stripes along the seam.

3) White or black sneakers without a pattern with no laces

4) Socks in white or black canvas without any pattern when wearing without folding. And when pulled up must be about half shin length

Article 69 Scout / Girl Scout Uniforms Wear the dress as specified by the government or school gown.

Article 70 School bags Must use only school supplies, carry-on or backpacks

Item 71 High school student uniforms (Secondary 4 – M. 6)

71.1 Male student uniform

1) White long-sleeved shirt There is a pocket on the left. And tie a black tie with a pin School mark in the middle of the necktie

2) Sida cloth pants, 2 front petals, 2 per side

3) Black leather belt with no buckle pattern from Don Bosco Wittaya School.

4) Black leather shoes If there is a shoe strap to be the same color as the shoe itself

5) White socks without a pattern.

71.2 Female student uniform

1) White long-sleeved shirt The front has 5 pegs on both sides. Tie a blue tie Together with the school mark pin placed in the middle of the necktie.

2) Smooth blue fabric skirt, thick texture, pleated around, turned pleated out to the side, spaced enough, beautiful, long skirt under him

3) black leather shoes The strap is the same texture as the shoe. (Only sneakers are allowed on days of physical education courses)

4) White socks without patterns Do not fold. And when pulled up must be about half shin length

Article 72 Male student hairstyle: Secondary hairstyle or student hairstyle

The sides and back are attached to the scalp. The front length is not more than 6 centimeters and the top is not more than 5 centimeters.

Do  1) shave

2) Wai Jon

3) Wai Beard

4) a fashionable haircut

5) Dress up your hair with hairdressing cosmetics, apply oil, comb your hair in the middle.

6) Bite or change the hair color that is wrong from nature.

7) Wear it on your ear.

8) Wearing a ring and improperly patterned watch.

Article 73 Hairstyles and accessories for female students

Short hair, simple cut, student style The earlobe descends not more than 4 centimeters long, the same length.

3 sides may be slightly rounded.

Long hair, braid your hair, braid your hair open your face, or tie you to tie your hair open your face. Tie a bow

Hair bow, use black or blue color.

Hair bands are made of black or silver, do not have a pattern.

The headband is made from black or blue without a pattern.

Earrings are allowed to be put in to prevent any pierced holes. Use earrings in gold or blue in the shape of small loops.

The diameter of not more than 1 cm. Or the ear with a small single lob. The diameter of the center is not more than 0.25 centimeters.

Do not    : 1) Apply a strange hairstyle fashion.

2) Hair cut on both sides of the same length

3) cut hair or curl the ends of the hair

4) Short alley Or very short hair like a man’s hairstyle

5) a haircut that has the long occiput like a turtle’s tail

6) Make several small plaits on the head.

7) Dress up your hair with cosmetic makeup

8) Bite or change the hair color that is different from nature.

9) Wearing an improperly patterned ring and watch.

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