Student dormitory regulations

Location of dormitory: around the middle building 

1. What is it for? To
accept students who are far away or in the provinces
, provide comfortable accommodation and an environment conducive to effective education.
To provide students with opportunities to develop themselves in discipline, self-reliance
, and living with others in a happy and peaceful way. And build good friendships between students
To relieve the burden of parents in raising their children to have a good education And practice in discipline
And other developments at the same time.
2. Who is the operator
The boarding dorm is managed by a Salesian priest. Together with teachers trained in the field of care. According to the training course of St. John Bosco, the father and teacher of the youth.
3. What is it for?
3.1 Students applying to be regular students must be male students from grade 4 to grade 6
3.2 without serious infectious diseases. 3.
There is a desire to stay in the dormitory with willingness and joy
4. The dormitory admission process
4.1 Contact for an application at the administrative room.
4.2 Parents bring children to apply and interview. With the bishop or the person responsible for the regular students
4.3 Take a written exam for the Grade M 1 and M 4 according to the school schedule.
4.4 Documents to be presented upon handover (In the case of admission as a regular student) are as follows:
1) Por. 1
2) A copy of the house registration with the name of the parents and students
3) 1 inch photo number 3
4) Baptism receipt Acceptance (For Catholic students)
5) Payment of education quality development Various expenses of the fixed department
5. Costs
5.1 Dormitory fees, water, electricity (bedroom, classroom, air-conditioned), laundry, food,
5.2 dormitory maintenance (Only new students)
5.3 Value for educational quality development Extra tuition Computer tuition fee, activity fee
5.4, ​​daily snack allowance Stationery cost Medical expenses Miscellaneous expenses
5.5 This expense must be paid on the day the student is enrolled in each semester. And when the semester opens for more than 7 days,
it is considered a full term The school will not reimburse
5.6 if a student resigns during the semester year. Must pay compensation to each school 5,000 baht
6. Returning home and entering dormitory
6.1 The beginning of every new semester Boarding students are required to enter the dormitory at least one day before the commencement date.
6.2 As usual, the school allows students to return home 2 weeks a time every time they return home.
Must be licensed by an adult And must return to the dormitory before 7:00 pm on the scheduled date and not allowed
The students are strictly prohibited to stay overnight at a friend’s house
6.3 every Sunday. Students can leave the dormitory area from 12:30 to 16:30.
6.4 Every time they return to the dormitory does not meet the deadline. Parents must notify / explain reasons to the responsible person
by themselves.
7. Contact with
boarding students 7.1 dormitories set a time for parents to call to talk to boarding students from 18:30 – 19.50 hrs
every day.
7.2 Parents are able to visit their children on Saturday from 12.00-15.30 or on other days as needed. But not allowed to take students outside the school grounds Without permission from the responsible person first
And Sunday at 12.00-16.30.
8. Medical treatment
8.1 When a student has an accident The school will coordinate with the hospitals in Udon Thani that are insured.
To receive treatment free of charge under the insured amount If the medical expenses are in excess, the parents are responsible for the excess expenses.
8.2 In the case of mild illness that is not covered by an accident The dorm will arrange for treatment at a hospital or clinic. If there is a serious condition The dormitory will consult with parents for further treatment
9. General Regulations
9.1 Boarding students must strictly adhere to school rules.
9.2 Mail or parcel sent / received by the student Must pass by adults every time
9.3 students are prohibited from leaving the school district Without permission.
9.4 As usual, students are not allowed to ride or ride on motorcycles.
9.5 Students must be in the discipline of adults. And respect all adults as parents of students
9.6 before going out of the dormitory for breakfast Students are required to dress neatly in school uniform, which normally
must be done before leaving the bedroom.
9.7 The dormitory will pay students a daily snack fee of 40 baht per day (may be changed as appropriate) and students are not allowed to have money. Keep it to yourself more than 300 baht, including other valuable items such as gold chains, gold
rings, expensive clothes or shoes, etc.
9.8 Books that are not related to learning, such as cartoons, games, fashion, novels, etc., must be examined and signed by an
adult.9.9 Students are not allowed to have weapons or sharp objects. Or anything that may harm others in possession.
9.10 Students must keep the body clean Keep things organized in a neat way,
all clothes must be embroidered / written with the student’s ID number completely and clearly. For easy distribution to each person.
9.11 to students to play sports Or is exercising regularly In order to be healthy.
9.12 Have students use beautiful words To abstain from obscene or obscene language.
9.13 Bedrooms, classrooms, and bathrooms are places that must always be quiet and tidy.
9.14 Special classroom is a private study place. Therefore need to maintain the study environment Do not disturb others And there should not be anything unrelated to learning in the classroom.
9.15 Any student has damaged the school / dormitory’s treasure / belongings. Must be reimbursed every time.
9.16 Students must not use a communication device (etc., a cell phone) or a game device. Other than the time specified by the dormitory or in places where use is prohibited And must be kept in the place designated by the dormitory If violated, the dormitory can be confiscated and cannot be used anymore.
9.17 Students are not allowed to bring audio equipment. Computers or notebooks used in dormitories or schools.
9.18. Going out on Sundays. The main purpose is to reward students
for good behavior and to carry out personal errands such as shopping for haircut, etc.
10. Clothes and appliances that must be prepared from home.
10.1 School uniforms (White shirt At least 3 blue pants) and home / travel wear as
10.2 Student shoes (black), amount 1 pair,
10.3 Student socks (white – short), amount 4 pairs
10.4 Scout uniforms
10. 5 underwear, handkerchief (reasonable)
10.6, 2 towels
10.7 plastic cans and 1 water bowl
10.8 soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, detergent, other personal appliances,
10.9, 1 bed blanket,
11. From the dormitory
11.1 smoke, drugs, drink alcohol or all kinds of alcoholic beverages
11.2 Escape or leave the dormitory without permission. And not in the teaching of adults,
11.3 picture book with CD, DVD or video pornography in his possession.
11.4 Sexual misconduct, such as adultery, etc.
11.5 steal, buy-sell goods / drugs in school

Administration – Finance

Location: Middle porch DON BOSCO Building 

Business hours

Monday – Friday, 07:30 AM – 7:00 PM.

Saturday at 08.00-16.00

Closed on Sunday and public holidays

Tuition fee payment         By bank payment in 1 academic year divided into 2 semesters

Term 1 between May – September

Semester 2 between November – February

Recruiting new students               

Recruit both male and female students.

Distribution of applications: at the administrative room during business hours.

Kindergarten level

1. Admission date for Kindergarten 1: December, or inquire at the administrative room.

2. Qualifications for Kindergarten level applicants

2.1 Age of applicant

Kindergarten 1, age 3 years (counting until May 16)

Kindergarten 2, age 4 years (receive in April Only when there is room)

Kindergarten 3, age 5 years (receive in April Only when there is room)

2.2 Having a healthy body.

2.3 Have physical and mental development suitable for age

2.4 Able to help himself in matters of personal necessity

3) Proof of admission for Kindergarten 1

3.1 Copy of applicant’s birth certificate

3.2 Copy of house registration With the names of parents and applicants and evidence of name-surname change

3.3 Copy of house registration or birth certificate of elder Same parent (In case of studying at Don Bosco School)

3.4 Certificate of acceptance of baptism (Catholic only)

4) application process

4.1 Fill out an application form at the administrative room. (Easy to write and read)

4.2 Parents bring the child to the director on the date and time of the appointment.

Admission of students to grade 1

1. Kindergarten 3 students of Don Bosco Wittaya School who pass the assessment criteria

2. Parents cooperate with the school in various activities.

3. Do not owe school expenses.

4. Surrender oneself and pay the expenses on the date and time specified by the school.

5. Must study for the summer course adjustment in April.

Level 1 and Grade 4

1.Application date: Grade 1 month, Grade 4 January, February Or contact us for inquiries at the administrative room

2. Evidence for admission.

2.1 A copy of house registration containing the names of parents and applicants and evidence of name-surname change.

2.2 Two 2-inch photographs taken not more than 6 months ago.

2.3 Copy of certificate Certificates that show competence in various fields

2.4 Certificate of acceptance of baptism (Catholic students only)

2.5 Application fee

2.6 A completed application form. (Easy to write)

3. Subjects examined (only for students taking the entrance examination, Grade 1)

3.1 Mathematics (30 questions) 3.2 English (30 questions)

3.3 Science (20 items) 3.4 Thai language (20 items)

4. Examination subjects (Only for students who enter Grade 4)

4.1 Mathematics (scored 50 percent)

4.2 Science (25% score)

4.3 English (25% score)

5. Dress up in school uniform: application date, exam date, surrender day

6. Only students in grade 6, Don Bosco School

6.1 P.6 quota

6.1.1 has good behavior.

6.1.2 Parents cooperate with the school in monitoring students.

6.1.3 has an average academic record of 5 semesters, ie Primary 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 (the first semester

75 percent or more)

6.1.4 must pass an entrance examination and earn a score of 70 percent or more.

6.2 Year 6 Not reaching the quota criteria Or waive quota rights

6.2.1 as clause 6.1.1 and 6.1.2

6.2.2 Must pass an entrance examination

6.2.3 Learn to adjust the summer foundation. (April)

7. P.6 from other schools

7.1 Must pass an entrance examination and an interview

7.2 Learn to adjust the summer foundation in case of passing item 7.1

8. Students in Grade 3, Don Bosco Wittaya School: must pass entrance examination and interview.

9. M.3 from other schools: must pass entrance examinations and interview.

Schedule a written exam, interview, announcement of results, and hand over the registration

Announcement from the administrative room

School time schedule

1. Regular Session  Each academic year is divided into 2 semesters.

Semester 1 May – Early October

Semester 2 November – early March

2. Summer semester

            Kindergarten, elementary, junior high school (อ. 1 – M. 3)

                 Summer semester 1: March time 08.30-16.00

                 Summer semester 2: April time 08.30-16.00


1. Summer semester 2 Kindergarten 1 Primary 1 and Grade 1 do not accept students from different schools.

2. All new students are required to study, prepare or adjust the foundation in the summer.

Registration room 

Location: Ground Floor, DON BOSCO  Building

Open for service  Monday – Friday between 08.00-16.00

The Register Room is the organization that collects various information about the school, including the school teacher information.

If there is a change in student information, parents such as change of name-surname, moving of address, please bring a copy of evidence of change from the government to the registration department, the student and parents who wish to contact

Obtain any documents or evidence in education to contact Can submit a request according to the request

To obtain different types of educational evidence, additional evidence may be required and a 2-inch photograph.

Which students and parents can inquire at the registration room Or the administrative room

Roles and duties of the registry 

          –    Carry out preparation Register a student’s resume in the student register book. When students request to resign

During the year or graduation, students are kept out of the student register to be up to date.

–    Work on receiving requests Request to amend the evidence in the student register, such as changing name, surname, day

Year of birth or other and take corrective action according to evidence of fact every time there is revision to present to the director signing.

–    Prepare and inspect the regulations showing academic results (Ror. 1, Tor., Ror. 1, Bor., Por. Issuing regulations showing academic results For students who graduate Or students who wish to resign by following the regulations of the Ministry of Education On the assessment of academic performance Keep evidence in order to be neat and secure.

–    Check the results of the course (Sor Kor. 1, Por. 1) for students who graduated in the third and fourth levels.

In addition, the Committee shall sign to certify that the actual course has been completed behind the Por. 1-Por. 1-Por.

– Prepare a report on the results of the course of the course To complete within 30 days after the date of approval of the results of studies in the educational area and keep it at the school.

– Write-print the certificate or the Por Por. 2, prepare the registration for controlling the issuance of the certificate or Por Por Por 3 correctly Supervise the payment of diplomas

– Proceed in issuing documents to certify the results of the course or the Grade 7 documents certifying the students.

English language proficiency documents And other certifications that students request

– Issuing academic transcripts (Kor. 1 – Tor, Por), (Por Por. 1 – Tor, Por) No. 2 to graduates of the junior and senior high school curriculum prior to the basic education course. At the request

By operating in accordance with regulations and guidelines

– To cooperate with other educational institutions to examine the qualifications of students who have completed their studies. And need to check the evidence of new student qualifications entering the class Cooperate

Responding to inquiries from inquiries according to government regulations and guidelines

– Processes regarding accepting applications such as tuition waivers and school breaks.

Course changes Regulations to show various academic results in the diploma, academic performance reports of people who have completed different types of courses and take care of supplies, equipment, etc. For convenience and speed in operation and not lost

– Proceed to print transcripts For students who are currently studying and have not completed their course.

(Ror. 5, Por Por. 7) to store photos to make war certificates.

– Proceed to transfer the grades of students transferring to the basic education curriculum.

And the original course In the case of transferring students who have problems from other schools compared already Was proposed to appoint

Evidence Review Committee Knowledge, experience, capability and practice according to the Ministerial Regulations and Regulations prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

– Planning the administration and making operational plans / projects / tasks Job Calendar

– Perform the duties of the school registrar

– Follow up and evaluate the performance of the register.

– Accepting the assignment of student profile registration And distribution of students

– Prepare, inspect and issue documentary evidence And a certificate

– Educational qualification examination service Correct any evidence and student leave.

– Prepare and maintain documents Educational evidence And the registration work to be up to date

– Prepare registration information statistics form

– Establish regulations and guidelines regarding registration work.

– Analyze work, collect problems, obstacles, suggestions for solving problems

-Plan management work, measure results and make action plans / projects / calendars

Measurement and evaluation work

– Follow up and evaluate performance results.

– Establish a measurement and evaluation procedure Guidelines for measuring results

– Operate the parcel of the measurement work

– Coordinate on evaluation work with the Evaluation Officer

– Receive results to verify accuracy with computer work and collect academic transcripts

– Analyze work, collect problems, obstacles, suggestions for solving problems

– Perform other duties as assigned by the Deputy Director of Academic Affairs.

Scope of registration 

– Recruitment for new students Surrender / inspection And store documents for surrendering

– Student resume registration work

– Student sales work from student registration

– Tasks, statistics, basic student data and student numbers

– Issuing documents showing academic results of students who have graduated and who are currently studying

– Documentation of all students’ grades

– Examination work of students’ education that other organizations have coordinated

– Provide a grade point average grade report (GPA) and grades order (Pr).

Mathayom Suksa 3 and Mathayomsuksa 6 students

– Prepare a graduation report.

– Check the program of study and transfer the grades of students transferring to study during the academic year.

– Coordinate the assessment of grades and transfer the grades of students who go to study abroad.

– Statistics job registration information

– Specific tasks assigned by the school

Registration contact 

1. When contacting registration work   

– Official time 07.30 – 16.45 hrs. Except public holidays and public holidays.

2. Requesting educational documents   

2.1 Current students

– Students must write a request themselves on the application form.

– Fill in information clearly and clearly

– The English request is written in capital letters. Name and surname write in the same name and surname

In Passport

– Documents that need to be attached photos Use a black and white photograph, size 3×4 centimeters or 1.5 inches.

(Frame not included) Dress according to school regulations. And must not be a polaroid photo Photos, stickers or scanned images and write your name-last name after every photo.

– Receive documents after submitting the application 1 working day for current students Not counting public holidays

– Current students must wear a student uniform when contacting the registration work every time.

– All students should plan for all types of documents in advance. Especially during closing


– Students should request documents in advance, otherwise they will not be as convenient as they should be.

2.2 For alumni

– Write a request for documents at the registration room

– Must dress properly

– If you want to request documents for graduation, do the following

Alumni who use the battle certificate.

Documents to be prepared

1) Two 2-inch photographs wearing white shirts Without any marks

And taken not more than 6 months

2) Report of lost documents But if the documents are damaged to show, the school will issue

New documents The requested documents can be received within 7 working days.

Alumni who use the certificate

Documents to be prepared

1) Two 3×4 photographs wearing white shirts Without any marks

And taken not more than 6 months

2) Report of lost documents But if the documents are damaged to show, the school will issue

New documents The requested documents can be received within 7 working days.

– Alumni can receive documents within 7 working days, excluding public holidays.

During the semester break

1) Current students must wear student uniforms every time they come to contact the registration work.

2) Students in M.3 and M.6 must wear student uniforms when coming to contact the registration work until May 15, after which dress politely


Location:     2nd Floor, Bossconusorn Building 200 Year

Business   hours from 07.20-15.00

1. Library members are

1.1 Lecturer, Don Bosco Wittaya School

1.2 Students of Don Bosco Wittaya School

1.3 Don Bosco Wittaya School Staff

2. Library service hours

Elementary level

Open for service Monday to Friday from 07.20 – 07.40 hrs.

Time 11.40 – 12:05 hrs.

Secondary level

Open for service Monday to Friday from 07.20 – 07.40 hrs.

Time 10.10 – 10:30 (borrowing-return service only)

Time 12.20 – 12.50 hrs.

Time 14.40 – 15:00 (borrowing-return service only)

3. Right to borrow library information resources.

3.1 Teachers can borrow 5 books / piece.

3.2 Elementary school students can borrow 1 book / piece.

3.3 High school students can borrow 3 books / piece.

3.4 Employees can borrow 2 books / piece.

4. Types of information resources that can be borrowed and the number of days borrowed

4.1 Books and manuals and textbooks

Teachers can borrow for 14 days.

Elementary school students can borrow for 7 days.

High school students can borrow for 7 days.

Employees can borrow 7 days.

4.2 Comic books, storybooks and audiovisual media

Teachers can borrow for 2 days.

Elementary school students can borrow for 2 days.

High school students can borrow for 2 days.

Can borrow for 2 days

4.3 Reference books (In case of special borrowing)

Teachers can borrow for 3 days.

Elementary school students can borrow 1 day.

High school students can borrow 1 day.

Employees can borrow 1 day.

4.4 Teacher’s Manual

Teachers can borrow for 14 days.

Elementary school students can borrow for 2 days.

High school students can borrow for 2 days.

Can borrow for 2 days

Notes 1. Reference books, journals and stapled journals. Only read within the library

2. Continued borrowing of information resources (Article 4.1-4.4) can apply for the service 2 times /

Title, unless the information resource is reserved

5. How to borrow – return library information resources.

5.1 Library members line up in a first come first serve basis.

5.2 notify the identity code With information resources to borrow or return By the owner of the code

Must be the borrower and return it by yourself only

6. Fines rate

6.1 In the case of returning information resources over time Charge a fine rate of 5 baht / book / day.

6.2 In the case of loss, damage or writing of information resources, the penalty fee is charged according to the price of

Lost, damaged or written information resources and operating fee 20 baht

Library etiquette

1. Sign in to use the computer room at the borrowing service counter. And sit by the machine number


2. Library members can use the computer room service once per week.

(Not including the case of entering the course)

3. Check the device before use if the device is lost. Or the computer cannot be used

Let the librarian know

4. Do not disassemble or move any device. Switch between the devices from the computer.

5. Use computers for study and research only. Do not play games Or visit an entertainment website

6. Do not bring any kind of software. Come installed on the computer before being allowed.

7. Do not bring snacks, food and beverages of all kinds into the computer room.

8. Does not make noise. And play in the computer room

9. After using the computer Please turn off the computer. And keep the chair neat

10. In the event of damage to equipment in the computer room Charge the fee according to the price of the equipment.

(Appraised by computer staff)

            Punishment measures for violators or non-compliance

Rules for the library and computer room for education

         Step 1 admonish

Step 2 No granting the right to use the service for 1 week.

Step 3 Disqualified access to the library 1 semester   

Nursing room 

Location:    Ground floor, DON BOSCO building, adjacent to the registration room

1. Service recipients are :

1.1 Lecturer, Don Bosco Wittaya School

1.2 Students of Don Bosco Wittaya School

1.3 Don Bosco Wittaya School Staff

2. Hospital room service hours

Monday – Friday from 07.30-16.45 hrs.

3. Service request process

3.1 Contact staff at the nursing room To inquire about pain / illness

3.2 Sign-surname, class and pain / sickness in the name of the form …… .. Every time before requesting service

            4. Procedures for requesting services

4.1 People who are sick / sick And want to sleep in the nursing room To return to study Must go and ask for permission And a slip to sleep in the nursing room from the teacher responsible for each class With a period of time

Rest for no more than 1-2 hours. If symptoms do not improve, they will be sent home.

4.2 Students who are very sick / sick Let the class teacher know In order to contact parents to pick up

Go home by having the students wait for their parents to come to the nursing room.

4.3 Students who have had an accident must notify the homeroom teacher to contact their parents. And staff

The hospital room will be delivered to the nearest hospital and under insurance terms.

4.4 In the case of class If a student wishes to use the nurse’s room, he or she must ask permission from the

Responsible for taking care of the students first and bringing the student slip to the nursing room.

4.5 Students are not allowed to take medication by themselves. If there is any drug allergy, please inform before receiving the drug.

4.6 Students who wish to heal and clean their wounds.

– Old wounds must be done during the rest period only.

– New wounds Make wounds anytime open for service

– Do not make the wound yourself before permission.

– Do not pick up cotton swabs, gauze cloth, wound dressing

– Record in the name of the form… .. Every time

Punishment measures for violators or failing to comply with nursing room rules

If any student goes into the nursing room without necessity Or if you detect that you are not actually sick or you are in

Disturbing, loud noises, the nurse’s staff will pass the student’s name to the student administration of the student’s grade. To continue


The hospital room provides treatment for the initial illness. And current disease specific services that can be treated as well

Home medicine Which is not a treatment that is beyond the authority of the hospital room staff

Accident insurance and claiming

Don Bosco Wittaya School provides accident insurance for all teachers, staff, staff and students.

Insurance company annually to alleviate the suffering in the event of an accident For the convenience of

Request for compensation from the insurance company Therefore prescribing regulations on accident insurance and claiming compensation, with

Practice as follows

1. The school is responsible for providing accident insurance for teachers, staff and all employees.

2. All students are required to get accident insurance by paying the premium specified by the school.

3. The insured is involved in an accident:

3.1 Medical certificate

3.2 Original medical expense receipt submitted to the administrative officer. Complete with clear details

In the form to request compensation According to the coverage in the policy

4. When the administrative staff has examined the details of medical expenses already To sign to receive compensation

In the diary as evidence

5. In the event that a teacher, staff member or student gets an accident, please notify the school every time.

Medical treatment       Able to receive treatment in the entire clinic Public and private hospitals

Medical treatment facility Aek Udon Hospital

Bangkok Hospital

Both hospitals do not have to pay cash. The hospital will process

Medical expenses with an insurance company


Location     beside the 200-year Bossonusorn Building between the former Kindergarten Building and the Kindergarten Building.

Open for service    Monday – Friday from 06.30 – 07.50 and time 11:30 – 12.55 hours.

Regulations and etiquette of cafeteria users          

       1. Must enter-leave on time specified

2. Have to line up to refill and buy food.

3. Must eat food and drinks in the cafeteria only.

4. Used plates, bowls, spoons, forks and glasses must be kept in

Container that supports it in the cafeteria

5. Help each other to maintain cleanliness.

Copy job

Using a copier The school has provided photocopiers for the services of teachers and students.

And school staff In order to provide the school copier service in order to meet the objectives of the school. Causing real benefits and efficiency in use.

With the use of copiers and everyone can observe as follows

1. Persons who have the right to use the school copier are teachers, students and all employees in the school.


2. The school provides photocopying services to teachers, students and staff from time to time.

07.30-17.00 in the service room, Monday – Friday In which the user will have to pay a service fee of 1 baht per page

Except for school documents that have been authorized by the Director or Assistant Department only

3. Those who wish to make photocopies Must bring documents to request service with the staff Responsible for every time

The recipient is not allowed to copy the documents themselves. Except with permission from the responsible person only

4. For teachers of schools who wish to photocopies such as exams or documents for use.

Accompanying the teaching of students Must always present an academic assistant to consider permission.

5. For students That can be used for photocopying services only outside of school hours If in school time

Must have permission from the subject teacher In writing Or the teacher calls to inform the responsible staff in advance every time

6. For officers who provide photocopying services Must facilitate the photocopy service.

For all customers who come to request services quickly And always with good courtesy

Swimming pool 

Day-time service 

Monday – Friday, open from 6:00 PM – 18:30 AM.

Saturday, Sunday and holidays 

Open from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. 

Service fee: pay for entering the pool 30 baht per person. 

Rules for the use of swimming pools

1. Change the costumes in the room provided.

2. Keep clothes, bags, etc. in the locker. And leave the keys with the staff

3. Take a shower, wash your hair, wash your feet every time before entering the pool. 

4. Ladies, wear a hat every time before entering the swimming pool.

5. No eating or snacks around the pool is prohibited.

Prohibitions before entering the swimming pool 

Patient or skin disease, wound or other disease which is harmful to others 

Contraindications when in the swimming pool

1. Do not spit saliva in the area or in the swimming pool.

2. Do not urinate in the swimming pool.

3. Do not play or make violent teasing which will cause danger.

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