School policies
1. Develop curriculum, teaching and learning processes. Organizing extra-curricular activities Evaluation results
In line with the changes and needs of the community. To provide students with high competence and
academic excellence. Able to develop life in today’s world and study at a higher level.
2. Organize building management system, use of technology, materials, equipment and internal management.
School to be able to To work in various areas with efficiency And achieve maximum results under the atmosphere and
Salesian spirituality
3. Students are good religious people. Be a good person of society Ethical Adhere to Thai culture and traditions
They are proud of being Thai.
4. Encourage teachers and students to use technology to the fullest in continuous pursuit of knowledge. Worthwhile
Invest and create efficiency The most effective in teaching and learning
5. Organize atmosphere and environment within the classroom. And the school area to be in good condition
And sufficient to provide services to students, personnel, and communities.
6. Cultivate teachers and personnel to love and loyalty to the organization. Having morality, ethics, being a good role model,
developing knowledge and abilities Have high professional standards Have a sense of career stability Is respected and loved by
Current alumni and students.
7. Provide opportunities for parents, alumni and members of the community. Regular participation and support in
various activities of the school

The 12 core values ​​of the Thai people according to the NCPO policy:
1. Be patriotic, religion, monarchy
2. Honesty, sacrifice, patience, ideology of good things for the whole
3. Grateful to parents, parents, teachers
4 Seek knowledge and study both directly and indirectly.
5. Maintain beautiful Thai culture and traditions.
6. Have morals, maintain honesty. Hope good for others.
Be generous and share. 7. Understand and learn how to be democracy. The King is the correct head of state
8. Discipline, law respect, less known, respect for adults
9. Conscious, aware, knowledgeable, knowledgeable, know how to follow the speech of His Majesty King Rama IX
10. Existed by the philosophy of sufficiency economy as the royal speech
His Majesty King Rama IX knows how to save and use when necessary, having enough to eat. If the rest is distributed
And ready to expand the business when ready When having good immunity
11. Strong in body and mind, not surrender to the lower power or defilement, shame and
fear of sin according to the principles of religion
12. Considering the benefits of the public.
And of the nation rather than their own interests

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