Primary School

Curriculum / Plan for Grade 1-6

Intensive English Program [IEP]

Don Bosco Wittaya School Use the school curriculum according to the Basic Education Core curriculum, BE 2551 (revised version), with the aim of developing learners to be good, intellectual, happy, capable.

In further study And pursue a career in the future The school provides teaching and learning. Taking into account the development of the brain and individual differences Therefore, the learner has been assigned to learn the core curriculum.

8 groups of learning materials as follows

1. Thai    

2. mathematics

3.Science and technology

3.1 Science

3.2 Computational science (computer)

4. Social Studies, Religion and Culture

4.1 Social studies

4.2 history

4.3 Buddhism

5. Health and Physical Education

5.1 Health education

5.2 Physical Education

5.3 Swimming


6.1 art

6.2 Music

7. Career

8. Foreign languages

8.1 English

8.2 Chinese

In addition, in line with the country’s educational reform and 21st century education management, it is a study plan that focuses on developing students into learning persons as follows:

  1. Learn music, practice with a teacher at Yamaha Music School Udon Somchai Nuek.
  2. Learn computer and Chinese language from True Click Life course.
  3. Learn to add knowledge of mathematics, science in English. With a teacher from Panya Panya Company Limited (Make A Wit Co., Ltd.)
  4. Learn to add English and Chinese from native speakers of foreign languages.
  5. Learn more math and science from Learn Anywhere in Grades 5-6.
  6. Learn to add math With teachers at King Mats Mathematics Skill Development Institute

As well as promoting academic skills competition testing with external agencies By school

It is an exam field such as TDET, E-learning, Center-One, ASMO, International, Salesian online, etc.

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