School color

White-blue makes up a strong, resolute but at the same time hidden.
With pure softness in the interior
, white is the color of pure cleanliness, representing the meaning that School students
Don Bosco Vittaya must be a person with a pure mind, optimistic view of the world and everything.
Blue is the color of the blue . Which is vast and vast Embraces the whole universe Instead of meaning that
Students of Don Bosco Wittaya School Must be a broad-minded, generous and generous

Student identity “Students at Don Bosco Wittaya School are diligent, faithful, cheerful”

Education identity “Don Bosco Wittaya School Provide education and training using a protective system
based on rationality, religion and love

1. Promote and develop early childhood in physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and social development to suit
their age.
2. Promote and develop learners of all levels to achieve academic excellence in their full potential and well-being.
good aesthetics and
3. billed promote and develop all levels ผo๎ ใh๎ a desirable feature of the course. (Morality Clause 9 of the
Salesians and the Top 12 reasons)
4. billed and promote early childhood development and learning at all levels ผo๎ ใh๎ identity, according to school regulations
5. improve the quality of education ใh๎ line. the identity of the L๎
6. improve the quality of education according to education reform in the second decade of international Soํ
7. billed promote and develop ผo๎ administration. Teachers / personnel to be able to Work in a systematic manner Full of potential
Ethics in their profession
8. Promote teaching and learning processes to be correct according to the core curriculum of Basic Education
B.E. 2551 (2017 revised version) and early childhood education B.E. 2560.
9. Promote education management to be a system with effective participation
10. Promote and develop media, equipment, buildings, places, internal environment to be smooth, beautiful and clean
. There is always a place for learning both inside and outside the school that makes learning.

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