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Don Bosco Wittaya School strives to perfect the youth according to a realistic approach.
Promote the development of talents and potential within a responsible atmosphere of freedom. In order to work together to create a society that is more just and praises human dignity.

School motto: “Diligent, Faithful, Cheerful”

Diligence means having the determination to work To maintain their job in the best and regularly

Faith means having devotion. Believe in the ideology of goodness Minister of
The religion that he fully respects Including respect for the good deeds of everyone

To be cheerful means having a pure and good heart Reflecting on the outside clearly
in a way that is refreshing, clear and lively

School symbols (Official): [Picture]: Yor = Dr.

School symbols The meaning of the school emblem

The cross and the golden radiance represent the school of the Roman Catholic Church by the Salesian Council of Thailand. The
abbreviation DB stands for Don Bosco, which is derived from the term Pope Bosco, the founder of the clergy. Salesian With a spirit for children and youth
DONBOSCOVITTHAYA The white lettering on the blue background is the name of the school, under the school color is blue-white, the
shield represents the protection of students under the Preventive System of Mr. Pobosco.
The face of Father Bosco is St. John Bosco, the father, teacher and patron saint of the youth.
The three colored figures behind the picture of Father Bosco represent the spirit of P Bosco to the youth trainers of Pabosco to the youth trainers with “reason, religion and love”
. Thong has the text “Diligent, Faithful, Cheerful”Is the motto of the Salesian school in Thailand and is the property of the students of Don Bosco School
torch represents Muํ committed to the effort. The success of the school’s operation was like a blazing fire that led to the success of the school.

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