English Program

Curriculum / Program for Primary 1 – 6

International Program (IP)

Year 2021, Don Bosco Vitthaya School, The standard of teaching and learning for the English Program department has been extended to EP International. This is a Duo Program, which is a course organized by the Ministry of Education in English (English Program: EP) in accordance with Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) standards. The core curriculum of the Ministry of Education and additional course of study to provide instruction in accordance with the Cambridge International Education standard. The integrated format is applied in additional courses such as mathematics, science and English, which can be used as a standard for learning and subject examinations to meet international standards. At grades 1-6 and grades 7-9

Teaching and learning at the elementary level emphasizes academic and practical knowledge to create more intense life skills by studying with foreign teachers and native teachers. Thai language and Thai culture will be taught by Thai teachers. While secondary level focuses on academic knowledge that integrates all subjects by studying with foreign teachers and native teachers. Meanwhile, Thai language and Thai culture will be taught by Thai teachers.        Classroom size is approximately 20-25 students with 1 Thai homeroom teacher and 1 foreign teacher. Our school provides various instructional activities based on individual differences of learning. Therefore 8 key areas of learning are to be focused as follows

  1. Thai Language
  2. Mathematics (based on Cambridge Curriculum)
  3. Science and technology

3.1 Science (based on Cambridge Curriculum)

3.2 Computing Science (Computer)

  1. Social & Religious and Culture

4.1 Social Studies

4.2 History

4.3 Religious

  1. Health & Physical Science

5.1 Health

5.2 Sports

5.3 Swimming

  1. Arts

6.1 Art

6.2 Music (with 3 optional classes: Ballet Classical guitar, Jazz dance, Voice)

  1. Professional works & Technology
  2. Foreign Language

8.1 English (based on Cambridge Curriculum)

8.2 Chinese

Regarding the 21st century education which primarily focuses on skills needed for success in the global market, our school also provides,

  1. an opportunity to study music with teachers from Yamaha Music School and Jazz dancing /Ballet with teachers from Russian Ballet school.
  2. an opportunity to study computer and Chinese provided by True Click Life
  3. an opportunity to study with native speakers and foreign teachers (Only Thai language and History will be taught by Thai teachers).

Students are also encouraged to assess themselves by applying the test provided by external institute such as TEDET, Center-One, and Salesian online.

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