Early Childhood Education Program Year 1 – 3

Don Bosco Wittaya School Early Childhood Level: Using the Early Childhood Education Curriculum, B.E. 2560, aiming to develop every child to have a continuous quality physical, emotional, mental, social and intellectual development Have been organized a learning experience happily. And suitable for age, having life skills and acting according to the philosophy of sufficiency economy, being a good person, having discipline and a sense of Thai identity. Through cooperation between schools, parents, families, communities and all parties involved in child development And also organized various integration activities as follows

1. Organizing IEP integration activities from Thai and foreign teachers Learn English 2 lessons / week, Math class in English 1 lesson / week, Science in English 1 lesson / week using media kit from the Learning Research Institute. There is supervision and follow up by representatives from the institute. Provide training for teachers At least once per semester

2. Organizing computer integration activities. Computational Science Technology Course COMPUTING SCIENCE GENIUS PROGRAM Know-all in cutting-edge science Prepare innovations to create technology that meets standards that meet the indicators of the Ministry of Education (2017), with a project-based learning management process. It has a complete range of multimedia media, modern and skilled thinking that develops creativity. And systematic thinking

3. Organizing Chinese language integration activities CHINESE PROGRAM CHINESE GENIUS PROGRAM Language of choice of communication transcends the limit of Chinese cultural learning. Hanban’s YCT (汉 办) has a process of emphasis on natural language (Whole Language), suitable for all ages. There are complete multimedia media, modern to promote learning. And have skills that develop listening – speaking – reading – writing Get accurate and understand Chinese culture

4. The organization of integrated English activities. (Foreign teachers) focus on phonics (Phonics) and conversation.

5. Arrangement of activities to integrate practical music skills. Learn the basics of the keyboard with a teacher at Yamaha Music School Udon Somchai Nuek.

6. Organizing activities integrated physical education. (Sports and swimming) to allow children to develop a systematic and appropriate body according to age.

7. Organizing an integrated mathematics activity (Kindergarten 3) with teachers at the King Mats Mathematics Skill Development Institute, which is the No. 1 Problem Solving math curriculum from South Korea. And is consistent with the content of the Ministry of Education

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