Administrative Regulations

                                                                                  Conduct control and penalties 

For tidiness And to encourage students of Don Bosco Wittaya School to study

Studying has behaved successfully. Discipline Dress properly Polite Be a good child of parents

Be a good disciple of the teacher Be a good member of society Encourage them to behave in the right way And according to regulations

Of the Ministry of Education Don Bosco Wittaya School has established regulations governing the conduct of

This student rose In order to correct the behavior of the students as a guide for students to act in the same way.

As follows

1. Conduct score Give every student who has behavior, each 100 points each academic year.

2. Categorization of Conduct Have the teacher send the school form performance report to the parent room. Or a measurement and evaluation room within 48 hours

3. Elimination of offenses Teachers can refute the blame by letting students

Able to perform a substitute good This is in the discretion of the Chief Administrative Officer.

4. The level of offense A student who misconduct has severe penalties.

3 levels are

  • A light offense is a less serious offense. Saw deserving of help, guidance and admonition

In order to change the behavior for the better And prevent repeated offenses

– Do not maintain cleanliness of oneself and public

– Dress up a little mess, make up, lip makeup, nail polish

– Contrary to teachers about learning

– showing offensive behavior with the student

– Do not cooperate with the school and the public.

– Bring your mobile phone to school

– Other minor offenses similar to the above.

         2) An intermediate offense is an offense that may cause damage to the public, not serious, or  

Causing further serious offenses

– behave in an adulterous way Providing intimacy with the opposite sex beyond the limits set by the school

– behave not polite

– Dress in violation of school regulations.

– There is no respect to the teacher, disobeying orders, showing impolite verbal verbs, showing disrespect for teachers.

– Coming to school late for no good reason

– Escape to study in some classes

– Hair that is longer than the school regulations or the haircut is wrong.

– Offensive, bullying for students And incite others to do wrong

– Lies and mocking the teacher

– Fake a teacher or parent’s signature

– Other offenses of the same serious nature as the above.

         (3) Serious offenses are those that bring serious disgrace to the school and the public.  

Or an offense under the Criminal Code or an offense that affects discipline and good morals.

For example – committed adultery

– burglary

– Physical harm to teachers or students

– Bring weapons to school Or have in possession

– Night out or places that are not suitable for student conditions

– vandalize school property Or someone else Or the public domain intentionally

– Conducting or showing offensive behavior in a manner that is insulting to the teacher

– Present himself as a gangster, gangster or extort extortion property

– Not following school orders

– Escape school

– Brawl violently both in school and outside school

– Conduct bad behavior or perform any acts that deteriorate the school.

5. Penalties and demeaning of conduct Let the administrative teacher judge according to the criterion


6. Any other offenses which are not specified. In the discretion of the head of administration

7. Students who have been cut 40 points or more who deem deserve help from the Counseling Department.

In order to find solutions and help further

8. Students whose behavior is 70 points deducted, the school will not issue a behavior certificate.

9. Students in Grade 3 who are deducted for behavior of 70 points, the school will not be admitted to the

Grade 4 in the following academic year

10. Students whose behavior is taken 70 points are deducted from their parents to write, record and report.

Let the school head know and invite the parents of the students to do parole

11.Students who have been deducted for 80 or more behavior points are required to book

The procedure for determining the fault 

The Governing Board considered penalties for students , consisting of 8 students.

1. Head of Administrative Department Chairman of the Board

2. Teachers in the administrative department at level 4, committee members

The head of the administrative department invites 3 more teachers to the committee.


Case of dismissal There are 3 steps to take as follows

Step 1

                 The Governing Board invites the homeroom teacher to listen to, clarify and provide additional information without permission.

Voting on any resolution of the administrative side must not be less than 5 out of 8 votes, so it is considered a resolution.

Step 2

                 Head of the administrative department and teachers of the administrative department at the total level of 5 people, the resolution of the administrative department is not less than

3 votes from 8 votes are considered as a resolution

Step 3

                 Head of Governing brings the matter together with information to clarify to the Principal and the Director. For approval

Considerations that have been assigned to be issued

The 3 steps of student penalties at the light, middle and serious levels are as follows.

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